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Allister Lim, new mini-z trpscale driver

From this August, this popular Asian driver named Allister Lim Boon Wai, will represent the brand
TRPscale and TRP in these two countries. Also, his great knowledge of the Mini-Z scale will help
the improvement and development of the new items that we will launch n the future. At this time already
have test all parts of the brand searching  improvements for future productions.
We expect a great success for this young driver who met in competitions like the Quantum Race held last year.

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Trpscale Mini-Z pinions in delrin

MiniZ Pinions

We have made a new mould just to give to our customers the posibility to choice more in a pinions range. This is a set of 7t, 8t, 9t and 10t and they have a special design in the axis hole, and we can asure that the pinion will not come out. We think that we have solved the problem of temperature dilatation of plastic pinions with this new design, the preasure over motor axle is heavy and its really dificult to loose a pinion.

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Mosler MT900 Almost ready

This image shows a spray prototipe how the 1st Mosler MT900 will be in a really close future.
As you can see in the picture we keep going with the idea of make races like “cup” or “challenges” series.
We hope that you will appreciate this 98mm W+3 and S+2 body car with arround 38gr of weigth.(pending confirmation in production)

Mini-z trpscale Molser MT900
Mini-Z TRPscale Mosler MT900
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First pics of the new 1/28 TRPScale body.

These are some pics of the new TRPScale 1/28 body, to fit in Mini-Z cars and Grupo Z slot cars.

Rear rim

Inside view of the front of the body.

Air intake on the roof.

After showing the first 3 pics a lot of TRPScale fans tried to guess what would be the new body. They wrote us with their suggestions…

Now, we have a new pic for them!! 


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MiniZ Renault Megane Trophy oficial paint job prototipe

We are working in future decorations of the Megane Trophy body, we are under negotation of some Renault Megane Trophy team drivers to reproduce their decorations over. At this moment just we can show what we are planing in a future, and we are making the prototype of official artwork of Renault Megane.

This picture show just a prototipe, without vernis, and is not already finished.