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Next Mini-Z Body is: Mosler MT900

This is the first decoration of new Mini-Z Body from trpscale.

5 thoughts on “Next Mini-Z Body is: Mosler MT900

  1. Very cool. The questions I have are:
    What is the wheelbase? I’m hoping it’s 98mm.
    What are the front and rear wheel offsets? The wider the better.
    Will this fit on a Mini-Z AWD MA-010?

  2. Yes, the new body for Mini-Z of trpscale is 98mm wheelbase, and have Offsets W+3 S+2.
    The body is for fit in MR02 Chasis

  3. Replied

  4. can you tell me what do you all people mean by saying offset or wheel base? i am planing on getting a mini z ma010(AWD) and i what to know what it means because i what to be sure what body to buy. i am from another country and i dont know very good english

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