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Mosler MT900 Water Decals “#175 Martin Short”

There are now available the new water decals for our Mosler MT900 (SCB001).
Now we just have to paint our car in white, mirrors and spoiler in black, and the back side of the glass in white. For the rest, the water decals is the last thing we need.
For an excellent finish, we recommend you to apply gloss coat to the entire body (without the glass!)
It comes in two different types of paper: White background and Transparent background.
Includes some TRP and TRPScale logos for free, for your other Mini-Z bodies!
Get one now!

Water Decals

Some internet pics:

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Allister Lim, new mini-z trpscale driver

From this August, this popular Asian driver named Allister Lim Boon Wai, will represent the brand
TRPscale and TRP in these two countries. Also, his great knowledge of the Mini-Z scale will help
the improvement and development of the new items that we will launch n the future. At this time already
have test all parts of the brand searching  improvements for future productions.
We expect a great success for this young driver who met in competitions like the Quantum Race held last year.

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Mosler MT900 Almost ready

This image shows a spray prototipe how the 1st Mosler MT900 will be in a really close future.
As you can see in the picture we keep going with the idea of make races like “cup” or “challenges” series.
We hope that you will appreciate this 98mm W+3 and S+2 body car with arround 38gr of weigth.(pending confirmation in production)

Mini-z trpscale Molser MT900
Mini-Z TRPscale Mosler MT900