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    1. Hello.
      It bought the other day,Renault Megane Trophy.
      I use Renault Megane Trophy for MR03 and enjoys a race with Ferrari Enzo,Nissan GT-R,Honda NSX.
      I very liked this Renault Megane Trophy.
      In the future, too, I look forward to your product.

      Because I like WRC, I expect the following product.
      Renault 5 turbo
      Ford Escort WRC 1997 Carlos Sainz.


    2. Cool ideas, Renault 5, or Ford Escort!!!
      There are very popular bodies here in Spain

    3. When are the recently anounced Mclaren bodies for dnano going to be available for purchase. Love to see more from you for dnano.

    4. no plans for a renault 5 turbo body ? would be so nice!



    5. boa tarde gostria de saber como faço para comprar umas bolhas do mini z2 morro no brasil na cidade de goiania goias, favor mandar imail com os modelos e preços,grato.

    6. Its a really god idea, we take note.

    7. Please send us a emial with your bussiness information.

    8. id like to know if i am still a dealer for you as i have not ordered in a while
      if yes whats the price i need to spend to get a order out

    9. Yes, you can order every time.

    10. hi,
      I would like to know who is the dealer here in Italy to be able to buy and sell your products.

      Thanks and best regards
      Fabio Impoco

    11. Yes, there are some dealers in Italy selling our products.

    12. Hi,
      Do you have distribution in Portugal ????i cant find trem anywhere…
      And when do you have groupz chassis available again????
      Thanks And regards,

    13. hola, dode puedo conseguir estos productos ssoy de buenos aires.

    14. Puedes conseguirlos a traves de alguno de nuestros distribuidores. Puedes ver la lista en la sección distribuidores.
      Un saludo

    15. Chasis are not in production right now. We need to do some modifications in order to make the rear train adjustable.

    16. Hello,
      I try to enter to the cloud to check my battery records from the rpmanager program but the page is not opening when I enter my credentials. what could be happening?

    17. Seams that your credentials are not correct. Please double check your login and password

    18. Buongiorno ho comprato da un bel po di tempo TRP MENAGER e istallato il software funzionava benissimo ma ieri rifacendo il test delle batterie trp il programma non me le sottoscrive non capisco il perche cordiali saluti FILO

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