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rp_manager by trpscale (our miniz battery manager)

We are working on a new item for MiniZ competition, this time is time to improve the battery selection for our MiniZ cars, so we have created a new item to select the batteries as your convenience.
Our software and hardware will you let you know the best battery that you have on your MiniZ box and will let you know what batteries must go together in one pack to rise the best results performance.
The software will be available very soon for Windows and Linux computers.
rp_manager battery matching

3 thoughts on “rp_manager by trpscale (our miniz battery manager)

  1. I have rp_manager, but windows is not finding the proper driver. when i downloaded the driver from your website, it still does not find it. How can i fix this?

  2. Hello Edison:
    There are diferent ways to install drivers on a Windows 10 Operating System.
    First think is as you mentioned is dowload the driver and un pack cause the driver is comming with as zip file.
    Second is when you plug the rp_manager and the operating system is asking you fr a driver, you must select the folder where you have unpack the drivers.

    Another way to install the driver is just click on right button on the file “ftdiport.inf” “ftdibus.inf” and click over install.

    drivers install rp_manager

    Im sure this video can help you too:

  3. Looking forward to seeing the rp manager (miniz battery manager) any updates on the release?


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