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TRPscale Renault Megane Trophy V6 2010 for Kyosho MiniZ

We are glad to announce the next miniz body that we will launch in some weeks, this body is the new version of Renault Megane Trophy V6.
The new body is a 98mm Wheel base and a Rear offset W+3 and S+2 in front, same measures than our previous body Mosler MT900.
Of course TRPScale only produce Licensed Bodies and this time we are planing to reproduce some version of this car like the one that Dimitri Enjalbert drove on 2010.
This body is the result of 4 years of work, and we hope that the miniz community will appreciate it as we are doing.

This body and the last one version will be the only bodies accepted on the next championship Renault Megane Cup that TRPScale will start create in some weeks we hope all community drivers join this competition and push miniz category around the world.

We post the presentation vídeo(spanish) and some images that will help to understand the new miniz trpscale body.

renault megane trophy miniz OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

8 thoughts on “TRPscale Renault Megane Trophy V6 2010 for Kyosho MiniZ

  1. Hola! Muy interesado en la nueva trp scale… Jejeje. Una duda… En caso de utilizar ventana de lexan, ¿cómo se podrá fijar el alerón? Porque he visto que la rosca va en la luna trasera…

  2. En la opción del cristal principal en Lexan, el aleron se fija mediente tornillos sin más problema, muy pronto podrás ver un vídeo explicativo de como esta realizado.

  3. […] in den nya karossen från TRP, denna gång en Renault med +3 bak och +2 fram för 98mm […]

  4. How can i get this body in indonesia? Any nearest authorized dealer nearby?? Really looking for that beauty 🙂

  5. Yes, there is a dealer in Indonesia. Atoic collective should have stock of this new body.

  6. Where can I get this in Hong Kong?

  7. Hi TRPscale My Name is Sky Yu Im Owner of Drift Track Drift Paradise in
    Macau I’m very Interesting of Your Product I Want to know how to apply
    for a dealer
    Best regards
    Drift Paradise Macau
    Sky Yu

  8. We have a distributor in Hong Kong, Dor Dor Hobby.

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