rp_manager discharger equalizer + Usb Cable


Discharger equalizer plus a software for Windows or Linux Operating systems that help us what batteries AAA are better to come in same pack.
If you use Windows, you need this

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What is rp_manager?
rp_manager is a discharger equalizer plus a software for Windows or Linux Operating systems that help us what batteries AAA are better to come in same pack.

rp_manager is not just a discharger its a equalizer too cause it will discharge your batteries from top to 0.9Volt, per each cell, in this process rp_manager will get data from batteries and will be able to see what of them is best or worst and with the clould software you will be able to make correct groups of 4 units to put in the same pack and same car.

rp_manager will include a USB connector in order to be connected to your computer and send the entirely discharge process data to the computer, this computer software will create a .csv file for each battery under its name, and this file could be uploaded to our cloud system to select best batteries for the competitions.
This .csv file could be read for any kind of software like Excel or open Office and its write in a open code with a easy structure.

File format:
Column 1: Serial Number
Column 2: Battery name or battery code
Column 3: Time in seconds
Column 4: Voltage at this time
Column 5: Average Voltage

How to match batteries?
1. Connect your PC computer to the Discharger Equalizer rp_manager unit.
2. Install the software for your platform in your PC.
3. Install the drivers form your computer only in windows operating system is necessary.
4. Run the software.
5. Select the COM port.
6. Put the label on your battery.
7. Introduce the name of the battery in each channel.
8. Press Next button
9. Push Connect
10. Introduce each battery in the desired channel, please check the name of battery correspond to a name of channel position.
11. Wait and see the result on the screen.
12. One the process will end will apears at right of each channel “Finish” and a soon all channels are finished a next button will appear.
13. Push the button, save files in to your computer. Files will be saves on MyDocuments folder and they will be ready to upload to the cloud system

What will be necessary to the matching process?
1. rp_manager discharger equalizer
2. A USB Cable USB <–> Mini USB
3. 4 AAA batteries
4. A PC Computer, Ubuntu or Windows 10.
5. Some time.
6. If you want to upload the data to the cloud you will need create an account there.

Download Drivers:
Windows Drivers: *** Download ***


rp_manager – Linux Ubuntu 32b
Linux Drivers: You no need drivers.




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