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First pics of the new 1/28 TRPScale body.

These are some pics of the new TRPScale 1/28 body, to fit in Mini-Z cars and Grupo Z slot cars.

Rear rim

Inside view of the front of the body.

Air intake on the roof.

After showing the first 3 pics a lot of TRPScale fans tried to guess what would be the new body. They wrote us with their suggestions…

Now, we have a new pic for them!! 


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TRP Technical Racing Products – Sponsor of DIM Team – Dimitri Enjalbert Team.

As you can see in these images Technical Racing Products is collaborating with the real car team of the well knonw french driver Dimitri Enjalbert with his new Renault Megane Trophy car 2009.
Its a pleasure anounce this collaboration and apear in this really competitive team that is wining all the races arround the world.
Aupa Dimitri!!


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MiniZ Renault Megane Trophy oficial paint job prototipe

We are working in future decorations of the Megane Trophy body, we are under negotation of some Renault Megane Trophy team drivers to reproduce their decorations over. At this moment just we can show what we are planing in a future, and we are making the prototype of official artwork of Renault Megane.

This picture show just a prototipe, without vernis, and is not already finished.

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Renault Megane Trophy production evolution

On November 4th the new car body that TRP will be manufacturing was presented officially to all of the drivers attending the PNRWC race.  This car body is based on the Renault Megane Trophy model which is used in numerous speed challenges all over Europe. 
A recent deal established with this prestigious brand of vehicles will grant TRP an official license to duplicate the prototype car body shown here in the photo.
It is presented as a 94mm in which both RM as well as MM configurations can be mounted; even though at TRP we recommend the use of a chassis in MM position. It will come also with a rear W+2 and S+1 offset in the front section; all of which will be made of ABS-type plastic. 
 For the moment they will be distributed in 2 official designs.