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MiniZ Carpet Rear Tires 8gr

We have a new compound tires to be used in surfaces like carpet. This compound is a litle softer than other manufacturer compound and in a lot tracks are runing better. The shape on its surface is giving linear traction and side traction on corners. We recomend use double side tape cause the softness of rubber. This tires have some silicon compound.

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Mosler MT900 Water Decals “#175 Martin Short”

There are now available the new water decals for our Mosler MT900 (SCB001).
Now we just have to paint our car in white, mirrors and spoiler in black, and the back side of the glass in white. For the rest, the water decals is the last thing we need.
For an excellent finish, we recommend you to apply gloss coat to the entire body (without the glass!)
It comes in two different types of paper: White background and Transparent background.
Includes some TRP and TRPScale logos for free, for your other Mini-Z bodies!
Get one now!

Water Decals

Some internet pics:

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New version of Giro-Z Lap counter is ready

MiniZ lapcounter

Tomorrow 1 Sept we will start to sell our new version of Giro-Z Lap Counter.
Our aim in this new version is offer more realibility and more precision in our IR lap counter system.
This new version can be expanded with 6 readers, that means a bridge 22cm longer reaching 160cm.
The new USB box will be 100% compatible with old Giro-Z version and with Giro-Z transponders.

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Mini-Z foam tires

MiniZ foam tires
MiniZ foam tires

This is the image of our Mini-Z foam tires. This foam tires are designed for carpet tracks to use with or without treatement on it.
As you can se we are using the rims from the Mosler body that is using a W+3 offet for rear tires and S+2 front the fron tires.
This foams tires are pre adjusted with a correct diameter of 26mm in rear tires and 25 in front.

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Allister Lim, new mini-z trpscale driver

From this August, this popular Asian driver named Allister Lim Boon Wai, will represent the brand
TRPscale and TRP in these two countries. Also, his great knowledge of the Mini-Z scale will help
the improvement and development of the new items that we will launch n the future. At this time already
have test all parts of the brand searching  improvements for future productions.
We expect a great success for this young driver who met in competitions like the Quantum Race held last year.

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Trpscale Mini-Z pinions in delrin

MiniZ Pinions

We have made a new mould just to give to our customers the posibility to choice more in a pinions range. This is a set of 7t, 8t, 9t and 10t and they have a special design in the axis hole, and we can asure that the pinion will not come out. We think that we have solved the problem of temperature dilatation of plastic pinions with this new design, the preasure over motor axle is heavy and its really dificult to loose a pinion.

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Murasaki Yume – a ball bearing oil special for Mini-Z

Murasaki Yume - Ball bearing oil for mini-z
Murasaki Yume - Ball bearing oil for mini-z

Another trpscale product on market, this time is a special ball bearing oil.
This new product have the same can than Onisake, and is designed mixing in a good proportion a cleaner, a anti friction product and a very low density oil just to give to our micr ball bearings the maximum speed.