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Renault Megane Trophy production evolution

On November 4th the new car body that TRP will be manufacturing was presented officially to all of the drivers attending the PNRWC race.  This car body is based on the Renault Megane Trophy model which is used in numerous speed challenges all over Europe. 
A recent deal established with this prestigious brand of vehicles will grant TRP an official license to duplicate the prototype car body shown here in the photo.
It is presented as a 94mm in which both RM as well as MM configurations can be mounted; even though at TRP we recommend the use of a chassis in MM position. It will come also with a rear W+2 and S+1 offset in the front section; all of which will be made of ABS-type plastic. 
 For the moment they will be distributed in 2 official designs.


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Welcome to this new website.
This website was created to show all TRP (Technical Racing Products) Scale car projects.
We will show all our next projects about MiniZ Scale car bodies.

We are glad to anounce that this next year 2009 we will launch some diferent scale cars for use in Kyosho MiniZ, and PN Racing GroupZ Slot car.
We will show our first project in some days. All our projects will me made under license of car manufacturer, and they own sponsor teams.

We wait your coments in our forum.

Thks a lot for your support.

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Now available GiroZ in USB version

We are pleased to announce that, starting today, in our on-line store as well as the stores of our USA and Asia distributors, the latest GiroZ lap counting system for USB will be available.
As you are well aware, computers and laptops are being supplied more and more with only USB ports. For this reason and also the targeting of a maximum of users, thus facilitating the use of the lap counting system to most Miniz clubs, this new USB interface has been created to substitute the now classic RJ45/Parallel 25 pin connector.
The new USB interface for GiroZ can only be purchased by those persons or clubs that already posses the old parallel port system. In order for this to be done, and to facilitate the introduction of this new system that provides us with a greater and improved precision in the lap counting using operating systems such as Windows XP, a PLAN RENOVE offer has been created at a VERY special price.
The USB adaptor will be sold at 16.82 Eur IVA included, and it must be bought at the same store or location where the lap counting system was originally bought.
For those users that wish to update their software for this new interface, you can download the CD iso image from the information page; GiroZ USB CD or from our download section .

Nuevo interface USB para GiroZ

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Giro-Z (Lapcounter for MiniZ)

We would like to make as straight forward as possible, the installation of the new GiroZ software for the USB interface. It is for this reason that we have created an explanatory video which we hope will resolve any problems you may have regarding the downloading and installation of the software.

We have post the video on youtube, inside our minizchannel

This video is only suported in Spanish language, sorry for the incoinvenience.