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1/Feb/18 New product

The reason for this message is none other than to inform you of the launch of a new product by Technical Racing Products, and to invite you to the presentation of this new and revolutionary product next 1st of February in the auditorium of the EUNCET Business School in Terrassa.

This event will be attended by personalities from the RC world, amateurs, rc car racers with different levels of experience, especially in the Mini-Z category, and also different media and press of all kinds that can collect first-hand impressions that this new product will cause in the RC hobby community.

This time, Technical Racing Products goes a step further and develops a very innovative and technological product that will undoubtedly mark a new milestone in our hobby.

So, we hope that you will attend this presentation event, and become one of the first expert of this world novelty. We believe that your assistance will help us in this project because as an “influencer” you will be able to share your experience to many more people.

Of course, as it will be difficult for you to attend this event, due to the distance that separates us, if you agree, in the next few days, prior to the presentation in Terrassa, I will be able to send you a document with all the product information, same which will be received by the attendees at the presentation.

Obviously we also invite you to watch the presentation broadcast live from our YouTube channel, the Mini-Z Channel: (although it will be in Spanish, we will subtitle it to English).

In this way, after the presentation, we will be able to share our impressions and analyze in greater depth the effect that this product can have on the market.

If you want to be informed on time of all events about this new product please subscribe to our mail list.

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