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TRPscale Renault Megane Trophy V6 2010 for Kyosho MiniZ

We are glad to announce the next miniz body that we will launch in some weeks, this body is the new version of Renault Megane Trophy V6.
The new body is a 98mm Wheel base and a Rear offset W+3 and S+2 in front, same measures than our previous body Mosler MT900.
Of course TRPScale only produce Licensed Bodies and this time we are planing to reproduce some version of this car like the one that Dimitri Enjalbert drove on 2010.
This body is the result of 4 years of work, and we hope that the miniz community will appreciate it as we are doing.

This body and the last one version will be the only bodies accepted on the next championship Renault Megane Cup that TRPScale will start create in some weeks we hope all community drivers join this competition and push miniz category around the world.

We post the presentation vídeo(spanish) and some images that will help to understand the new miniz trpscale body.

renault megane trophy miniz OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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New TRPscale Silicon Oil

We have created a line line of silicone oil for use on MiniZ damper systems and in other RC damper like 1:10 scale cars off-road.
The bottles have 60ml of silicone oil, and our first lauch is for spessors from 200 to 400 cSt.

trpscale silicone oil
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MiniZ Carpet Rear Tires 8gr

We have a new compound tires to be used in surfaces like carpet. This compound is a litle softer than other manufacturer compound and in a lot tracks are runing better. The shape on its surface is giving linear traction and side traction on corners. We recomend use double side tape cause the softness of rubber. This tires have some silicon compound.